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Apple in iOS 13 has created Memoji and Animoji stickers that are based on your own personal Memoji and the Animoji you use.

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You can use the stickers in Messages to express emotion, and the Memoji version is similar to Bitmoji, with a variety of different expressions. In addition to being available in Messages, Animoji and Memoji stickers can also be used in other places in iOS including the Mail app.

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Stickers are located next to emoji when you tap the emoji key. There's no longer a need to choose a number to use with iMessage - both will work. Users can select which number to choose when starting a new conversation, and can swap between them when composing a new message. For a more in-depth look at the new features in the Messages app in iOS 13, make sure to check out our Messages Guide.

FaceTime in iOS 13 includes a FaceTime Attention Correction feature that, when enabled, adjusts the set of your eyes so that it looks like you're making eye contact with the person you're FaceTiming even when you're looking at the iPhone's screen rather than the camera itself. When you're using FaceTime, you naturally want to look at the display to see the other person you're talking to rather than the camera, which has the effect of making you look like you're not maintaining eye contact.

As can be seen in the video, iOS 13 corrects this and makes it so that when you're looking at the iPhone's screen, your gaze appears to be on the camera, allowing eye contact to maintained be maintained while still letting you keep your gaze on the friend or family member you're FaceTiming with. The Contacts app supports a huge list of new relationship labels so you can label all of your friends and family, with these relationship labels usable when speaking with Siri.

You can now create Memoji in the Contacts app to use for your own profile and the people in your contacts list. There are new tools for managing your folders and subfolders, and there are new options to share an entire folder with someone. You can also share in a view-only capacity for the first time in iOS Search is more powerful in the Notes app and can recognize what's in the images inside of your notes to help you find specific text like receipts or bills. Checklists have been improved with options to reorder checklist items, indents added with a swipe , and a feature that lets you reuse a checklist with a click to uncheck all of the items.

There's also an option for sending checked items in a list to the bottom of the list. A new Block Sender option lets you block email from a specific person, routing all of the messages from that person into the trash. Block lists are universal with the Messages and Phone block lists across all of your devices. Noisy email threads can be muted with a new mute option that silences all notifications across all of your Apple devices, and a new Reply menu makes it easier to get notifications for replies, move messages to junk, mark messages as unread, and more.

Apple added a new format bar above the keyboard that's available when you're typing a message. It offers formatting options and attachment options, including a scan tool and a tool for adding photos or videos. Text formatting tools are also included, so you can change font styles, colors, and sizes, add selections and strikethroughs, change alignment, add numbered and bulleted lists, indent and outdent, and more. System fonts are supported, as are imported fonts, a new feature in iOS Other new features include multicolored flags for flagging email messages, an improved photo selector that doesn't cover up the screen when you're adding an image, and an updated auto complete feature that lists email address choices under each sender when adding a recipient to an email.

Safari in iOS 13 has an updated start page that features your favorite websites, frequently visited websites, and most recently visited websites. It also displays relevant websites based on browsing history, links sent to you in Messages, and other Siri suggested content.

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A new View menu in the Smart Search field offers up access to text size options, Reader view, and per-site settings. With per-site settings, you can adjust camera, microphone, and location access for each site right from Safari. When uploading a photo using Safari, you can now choose small, medium, large, and actual size options before uploading it to reduce image size if desired. There are new page zoom options, your open tabs can be saved as bookmarks, and you can jump to an open tab from the search field.

From the Share Sheet in Safari, you can now email a web page as a link, a PDF, or in reader view, and when it comes to privacy, there are a few new improvements. If you try to use a weak password when signing up for a website account, Safari will send a warning, and your Safari history and iCloud-synced tabs use end-to-end encryption.

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There's a new download manager in Safari in iOS 13, which gives you a way to check on the status of files you're downloading and access files you've already downloaded. You can drag and drop files from this interface into a file or an email, and download files in the background. Major improvements to the Files app bring new capabilities to the iPhone and the iPad. Apple added a Column View to the Files app that lets you see details for your files as you browse, and there's now an option to share entire iCloud Drive folders.

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  • Local storage is now available so you can create folders on the local drive on your iOS device, and zipping and unzipping files is now supported. New keyboard shortcuts let you do more from an attached keyboard and there's a built-in document scanning feature that takes advantage of the camera. There are a few notable updates to the Home app and the HomeKit protocol in iOS 13, bringing new features to those who use smart home products.

    The main Home app interface hasn't changed, but Apple has introduced updated control options for HomeKit devices. Available controls vary by device, but in general, the change makes options you check or use frequently such as various light colors easier to access. With HomeKit lights, for example, there's a main display with brightness controls front and center as it was before , but now, if lights have multiple colors, you'll see a selection of favorites at the bottom rather than having to tap on the color button at the bottom.

    Small changes like these have been made for all device types, putting the information that you need at the forefront. There are also several new icons for different HomeKit types such as water sensors, motion sensors, and air quality sensors, making it easier to identify what's what at a glance. Controls for your HomeKit devices are also now shown in a card-style view so you can swipe them away to get back to the main Home app screen, which is an improvement over the full screen view in iOS As of iOS 13, AirPlay 2 speakers can be used within HomeKit Scenes and Automations, allowing your AirPlay 2 devices like the HomePod to be set to do things like play music when you arrive home, or turn off when you leave.

    You can also have music come on when a HomeKit sensor detects something like motion, or at a specific time of day. In scenes, HomePod and other AirPlay 2 speakers can be paired with other HomeKit devices, so you can do something like have your HomePod and lights come on all with one button press or Siri command. If you have a Siri Shortcut that texts someone when you leave for work, for example, it can now be set to go off when you leave home.

    Video feeds are encrypted end-to-end and uploaded to iCloud, which means you alone will see the video footage without the risk of hackers accessing it. As with existing home security cameras, HomeKit Secure Video will provide notifications if activity is detected so you can review the recordings. HomeKit support is available for routers in iOS 13, providing further protection for your smart devices. HomeKit for routers firewalls off each HomeKit device, so if one happens to be compromised, the others will remain safe.

    The Health app has an entirely new look in iOS 13 that streamlines the available information. Rather than several different tabs, there are two main health app sections: Summary and Search. Summary offers up an overview of your health, aggregating data from a number of sources including linked medical records, movement data from Apple Watch, heart rate data from Apple Watch, sleep information from a linked sleep tracker, exercise minutes, and more.

    There are also prompts to do things like register as an organ donor or update your medical ID card, which is built into the Health app. You can change the Summary view by adding Favorites, aka listings of the type of information that you want to see, such as exercise minutes, active energy, workouts, heart rate, and more.


    In the Search view, there's a listing of all of the variables that are accessible in the Health app, and you can delve into any of them with a tap. You can also use the search feature to find what you're looking for specifically. All data collected by the Health app can be viewed by hour, day, week, month, or year, and there are also metrics like historical average, daily average, range, alerts, and more.

    Tapping on your profile picture at the top of the Health app now opens up a personal profile, new to Health. Medical ID, health records accounts, apps, and devices can be found here. New in iOS 13 is a Cycle Tracking option for women, which is designed to allow tracking of menstrual cycle data.

    How to spy on iphone 6s Plus text messages

    It has entry options for flow level, symptoms like headaches or cramps, and, for fertility tracking, basal body temperature, and ovulation test results. There's a period prediction feature and fertile window prediction, along with period notifications for when you might be about to get your next period. A complete cycle history is logged in the app, and there are cycle statistics such as typical period length, typical cycle length, cycle length variation, and more.

    There are new Health features for monitoring the Environmental Audio Level and the Headphone Audio Level to protect your hearing health. Data collected from the new Noise app on the Apple Watch is stored here, letting you know if you've been in environments where sound is above 80 decibels, which can damage hearing over time.

    Noise Notifications are available to let you know when the ambient sound is too loud or when your headphones are too loud. With the new Activity Trends feature in the Activity and Health apps in iOS 13, you can see your long-term progress towards meeting fitness goals. The last 90 days of activity metrics are compared to the last days.

    If your efforts start trending downwards, Apple offers personalized coaching to help you get back on track. Trend data is available for active calories, exercise minutes, stand hours, stand minutes, distance, flights climbed, workout walk pace, workout run pace, and cardio fitness level. Apple made several improvements to text editing on both the iPhone and the iPad, making it easier than ever to write and edit documents. To scroll through long documents and web pages, you can now grab the scroll bar and drag it downwards or upwards, which is quicker than simple swiping.

    Selecting text can now be done by dragging your finger over it. You can select a word with a double tap, an entire sentence with a triple tap, or a whole paragraph with a quadruple tap. Double tapping will quickly select elements like phone numbers, email addresses, and addresses, and you can now pick up the cursor and move it to where you need it with a simple drag, a gesture that's quicker than the prior iOS 12 cursor movement.

    Apple added new gestures for cut, copy, and paste. Pinch up with three fingers to copy, pinch up with fingers two times to cut, and pinch down with three fingers to paste. To undo and redo, you can now use three finger swipes to the left and right. If you want to select multiple email messages, files, or folders, tap with two fingers and then use a drag gesture.

    Siri has an updated voice that's designed to sound more natural, and it is noticeable when Siri is speaking longer phrases. Siri's voice is now generated entirely by software. The SiriKit API is available to third-party app developers, so you can now ask Siri to play music, podcasts, audiobooks, and radio content from third-party apps. Siri Suggestions have been added to Podcasts, Maps, and Safari, and Siri is able to detect content to add to Reminders in Messages and events in third-party apps.

    For radio fans, you can ask Siri to play live radio from more than , stations by accessing radio streams from iHeartRadio, Radio. The Shortcuts app, introduced in iOS 12, is now a built-in app in iOS 13 and is installed by default. Apple has designed Shortcuts to be more conversational, so phrases like "Order food from Caviar" will prompt Siri to bring up a list of restaurants you've ordered from in the past, for example, along with your favorite dishes.

    All Shortcuts content is now located in the Shortcuts app rather than some app-related content being housed in the Settings app, and the Shortcuts app will offer up Suggested Automations to help you create personalized routines for streamlining your iOS usage. There's no real need to turn it off, though, as swipes and taps can be used interchangeably. QuickPath is quite smart and is able to guess the word that you're aiming to type, so you can slide through letters rapidly. Alternate word options show up in the predictive bar, so if the iPhone or iPad does guess wrong, you can choose an alternate word.

    There are 38 new language keyboards in iOS, and the Dictation feature is also now able to detect which language a user is speaking based on the keyboard languages enabled on the device four languages are allowed. Apple redesigned the way the volume HUD looks in iOS 13, making it less obtrusive than the design that's been used in iOS 12 and before. The volume interface is now located towards the left side of the screen when the iPhone is in portrait mode, and in landscape mode, at the top of the display.

    What's neat is that you can also touch the bar with a finger to adjust sound with a swipe in addition to using the physical volume buttons. The Bedtime feature in the Clock app has been overhauled with new functionality. Using Bedtime and setting a time to go sleep now activates Do Not Disturb During Bedtime, automatically turning on Do Not Disturb, hiding notifications, and dimming the display until you wake up.

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    There's also a new time in bed feature that's designed to analyze your sleep patterns based on your iPhone usage at night. The controllers can be used with iOS games and support was implemented with the Apple Arcade gaming service in mind. Voice Control is a new Accessibility feature that lets you control your iOS devices entirely with your voice using Siri voice commands. It's also available on the Mac, and is a useful control method for those who can't use traditional input methods.

    Voice Control uses Siri for audio-to-text transcription for dictation purposes, and there's support for custom words. All processing for Voice Control is on device, ensuring data stays private. You can use Voice Control to get word and emoji suggestions, and there are full rich text editing tools available. Voice Control works for dictation and system commands, and can navigate the entire operating system. ARKit 3 can be used for apps where virtual objects can be placed in front of or behind people thanks to People Occlusion, which results in more immersive augmented reality experiences.

    Motion Capture is also supported, letting developers integrate people's movements right into their apps. A Reality Composer app for iOS developers is designed to let developers prototype and produce augmented reality experiences, which will make it easier for them to create AR apps. Custom fonts can be installed on iPhone and iPad for the first time, so custom fonts can be used within apps. The App Store has a new Fonts section where you can find and install fonts, and custom fonts you've added can be managed in the Settings app.

    Across iOS, when you use the Share Sheet, you'll see more intelligent suggestions about who you might want to share content like documents or photos with, so more sharing can be done in a single tap. A new sharing row lets you know how many people around you are available for AirDrop, and apps are intelligently sorted based on content you're sharing. Options have been added for items you're sharing, so there are now tools to do things like remove Live Photo animations or location information before sharing an image. Screen Time usage data is now available for the last 30 days instead of the last 7 days, so you can get a better picture of device usage over time.

    Combined app limits let you combine app categories, specific apps, or specific websites for one overall time limit. New communication limits let parents control who their children communicate with, and parents can also now manage their children's Contacts list. A new "one more minute" feature gives kids an extra minute to save their work or log out of a game when a Screen Time limit is met.

    Japan's national identity cards will support the iPhone through a government developed app, and Germany will also allow Apple users to load their national ID cars, residence permits, and biometric passports onto their iPhones using NFC. In iOS 13, you can pair two sets of AirPods to one iPhone so you can watch a movie or listen to music with a friend. Siri is also now able to read your incoming messages right to your AirPods in iOS 13 from messaging apps, so you can hear what's important and respond even when your phone isn't in reach.

    With iOS 13 software, HomePod is able to recognize the voices of different family members who use the HomePod, so everyone in the home can listen to their own music and playlists. HomePod supports Handoff in iOS 13, which means you can hand off music, podcasts, and phone calls to HomePod and vice versa. CarPlay features a revamped Home screen in iOS 13 with an updated, modern design with rounded corners, new table views, and an updated status bar. The CarPlay Dashboard offers up easier access to maps, audio controls and smart Siri Suggestions, and a new design for the Calendar app offers up a quick view of the day's upcoming events.

    Apple Music has a new look that includes album art in Now Playing and updated discovery tools, and when you activate Siri, Siri will only take up part of the screen so you can still see the rest of the CarPlay interface. Apple Maps is now available persistently on the dashboard, even when there are points of interest, and many iOS 13 Maps features are available in CarPlay.

    Easier route planning, search, and navigation are included, plus the new Junction View that offers up a clearer picture of intersections and the lane you need to be in. Collections and Favorites, iOS 13 features in Maps, are available in CarPlay so you can get directions to your favorite places quickly. There's a new light mode that's an alternative to the traditional dark mode, and there's a settings app for changing display options and Do Not Disturb settings.

    Along with all of the major features that are outlined above in each roundup section, there are dozens of smaller "hidden" tweaks and features in iOS We've gathered up a list of the more interesting tidbits, which can be found below. The app encourages you to read every day, see your stats soar, and finish more books. The emoji key lives next to the number key and the globe is now below. In iOS 12, a long press swapped between functions of the all-in-one key. You can set it to a day, a week, a month, or leave it on manual, which is how it currently works.

    Canceling Apps With Subscriptions - When deleting an app that you have a subscription to, in iOS 13, you'll get a warning that the subscription is still active so you can make sure to cancel before deleting it. The warning includes options to manage your subscription. Image via Federico Vittici. You can also use Markup to edit it before sending. It's located at the top of the display, replacing the former notification that popped up in the middle of the display. According to Apple, the iPhone learns from your daily charging routine and waits to finish charging past 80 percent until just before you need to use it, which is meant to cut down on battery aging.

    Controls are also now shown in a card-style view so you can swipe them away to get back to the main Home app screen. So you can do things like set music to play when you arrive home. You can also zoom in and out using pinch gestures. Lyrics can be accessed by tapping the new lyrics icon at the bottom of any song interface. These were previously limited to devices with 3D Touch.

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    This too was previously limited to devices with 3D Touch. When a timer is counting down, there's a new circle that slowly depletes, along with the standard timed countdown.

    There's also an "Automatic" option that picks the most suitable format for each app or action. It's now a waveform rather than a microphone icon. Note that almost all of these features are also available in the iPad and are part of Apple's new iPadOS operating system. How to Edit a Video on iPhone and iPad. How to Use the Editing Tools in Photos. How to Create a Collection in Apple Maps.

    Contrary to multiple rumors that circulated ahead of when iOS 13 was announced, the new operating system is compatible with many older iPhones, including the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are not supported, however. Apple's list of compatible devices confirms that iOS 13 is compatible with all of these iPhones and iPods:. MacRumors attracts a broad audience of both consumers and professionals interested in the latest technologies and products.

    We also boast an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac platforms. Got a tip for us? Let us know a. Send us an email b. Anonymous form close x. By MacRumors Staff on July 23, Features include a Dark Mode, a Find My app, a revamped Photos app, new Siri voice, updated privacy features, new street-level view for Maps, and more. Last Updated 18 hours ago. Highlight Recent Changes Yes No. Photos The main Photos tab in the Photos app has a whole new look in iOS 13, putting your best photos front and center so you can relive your memories at a glance.

    Editing Tools The editing interface in Photos has been overhauled to put the available editing tools front and center along with new slider wheels that are easier than ever to use. Video Editing Apple has long offered photo editing tools, but video editing was limited to cropping. Last week, Apple released iOS 13 beta 4 to the public.

    While the first few beta releases of iOS 13 were a bit buggy , the latest beta build seems to bring about some major improvements in terms of bug fixes and stability improvements. It is a well-known secret that Apple is prepping a bigger inch MacBook Pro. The Electra team has released Chimera 1. The latest update to the jailbreaking tool fixes the stability issues that many users on iOS Sign up for our iPhoneHacks Daily newsletter to get the top Apple news stories delivered to your inbox.

    Designed by Blog Consulting. Is It Still Buggy? Chimera Jailbreak 1.