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This small audio transmitter uses the 3g network giving excellent coverage and quality and will operate in the many countries that are shutting down the 2g network. Measuring only 53 x 37 x 23 mm is the perfect audio bug for listening into conversations from a distance.

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When you dial into the bug from any location in the world you will be able to silently listen into any conversations taking place within a metre radius. This bug also has a voice activated call back feature, enabling it to call you when sound is detected. This USB type charger product code usbgsm can be found in many homes and business premises.

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The difference with this one is it contains a highly sensitive microphone connected to a GSM transmitter with its own SIM card enabling you to dial into it from anywhere in the world. This device is set to revolutionise remote audio surveillance by utilising a fully functioning, mains powered double adaptor plug with a concealed voice activated recording system that automatically uploads the recordings to the cloud. Once the recordings have been uploaded you simply log into your google drive account to listen to or download the recorded audio. The files are time and date stamped enabling them to be used for evidence.

This Motion Activated GSM Bug is the first ever GSM Bug we have sold that is triggered by motion as oppose to sound activation, making this device more reliable and less chance of false triggers.

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This device, is made for long term covert surveillance and is ideal when a permanent power supply is not available. This smart looking wall clock with a built in covert camera and recorder is exclusive to Eyetek these are built in our own workshops. This fantastic looking Digital Clock as wall as telling you the time it conceals a security HD camera with IR night vision, a motion activated video recorder, and a WiFi IP camera all concealed in this smart digital clock.

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Product added! The camera to this unit is You can even turn the Connects to almost any Global Satellite for accurate positioning outdoors It looks just like an ordinary shelf so it blends in on any wall, effectively hiding your LawMate combines old and new technology rolled into one DVR.

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Explore our best selling spy equipment designed and approved by security experts. One of the standout features of these devices is that once placed, you can use them for monitoring and recording no matter where you happen to be in the world. Listening devices are most commonly used for collecting evidence, but they can also be used for security and general surveillance purposes. GSM listening bugs work on the same networks as mobile phones, which is what makes them so easy and convenient to use.

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To listen live, you can simply dial in by calling the SIM card located inside the device. As for the devices themselves, they are cleverly disguised as everyday household objects from plug adaptors to iDock chargers, which are also fully functional. To make the best use of your time and not waste hours waiting for something to happen, choose a voice-activated device.

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These devices can send you an alert when voices are detected, so that you can listen in live, and they can also start to record audio when voice detection is activated. Thanks to new technology, listening and recording through walls up to 20 inches thick with crystal clear audio clarity is now possible.

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